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General Questions:

What is the maximum area size you can laser cut?

Our largest laser bed is 1200 x 800mm, so in theory for MDF we could go up to that size, however this would be a bespoke order and separate postage costs would apply.

For Acrylic, it's slightly smaller based on the stock we have. Our maximum standard sizes are listed with the products but for bespoke items please get in touch.


What is the maximum thickness of material you use?

The thickest material is 6mm. Depending on the product, we've chosen the most suitable thickness for strength and longevity. Some products have all options available whilst others are limited for these reasons.


What kind of wood do you use?

Our products are cut from premium quality Medite branded MDF wood. This comes in large sheets and is cut down ready to use on our machines. Medite gives us a better overall finish ready for decoration and is easier to laser with more consistent results.


Do your products have a burnt smell?

The process of laser cutting essentially burns it's way through the material, this does leave a slight burnt smell. This fades quickly and is undetectable after painting or finishing.


Is the finished product consistent in its appearance?

Medite MDF is the a premium quality material however we have no control over the raw materials used to manufacture the boards. Occasionally we do reject some sheets prior to cutting if there is an obvious fault/blemish. In general the appearance and consistency is excellent.


Is there a burnt edge on your products?

The process of laser cutting is essentially burning which means the edges of our cuts do have a slight burnt appearance. Unlike many manufacturers, we use high pressure air to remove smoke during the cutting process giving our products a clean face.


What are your turnaround times?

As with all manufacturers this can vary, we aim for 1-3 working days from confirmed order to dispatch. These times are subject to change during peak seasons.


Can I send you photos or files to cut from?

Yes, we can cut and engrave custom designs for you. However please note, you will have to agree to our copyright infringement warning prior to sending us any designs.


Can you put hanging/mounting holes in my items?

Many products already have the option to choose mounting/hanging holes as standard. These are on the items where it's commonly requested. If your chosen item does not have this option please feel to contact us.


What type of Acrylic do you use?

We use premium grade cast acrylic for our products. We stock a variety of different colours, finishes, and thicknesses. If you have a specific requirement please feel free to contact us and we'll do our best to help.


Refund and Returns:

Quality Guarantee:

Your satisfaction is very important to us. All of our items are manufactured to a very high standard using quality laser cutters & engravers. Occasionally however, faults/defects can occur during the manufacturing process and we aim to rectify those as soon as they are identified.

If you consider that the product you have ordered has a fault/defect please contact us straight away. We may require additional details from you to make an accurate assessment of your claim. If a fault/defect is found then either a replacement or full refund will be offered. If a refund is offered this will be credited within 7 days.


Can I return my item?

With the occasional exception of excess stock items we only supply items that are cut to order. We cannot offer returns on items that have been personalised, customised or are bespoke in any way unless they are found to be faulty/defective under the terms of our quality guarantee detailed above.